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How to Tame the Commitment Fear of a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen Trends
Source: Gemelli Design Studio

Deciding to remodel your kitchen and invest in new cabinetry is both exciting and daunting. The average life span of kitchen cabinets is a surprising 45 years depending on the quality of the cabinets, some even lasting up to 60 years. That commitment seems like a significant marriage to an idea and a style! With Pinterest and TikTok videos and other media - both social and television - increasingly dictating design ideas and with styles seeming to quickly come and go, how long should you realistically expect your chosen style to last? What are the easiest parts to change to keep up with ever-evolving design trends? Let's get into these with a pragmatic perspective.

Kitchen design trends evolve over time, and it's natural to want to keep your kitchen looking fresh and modern. The good news is that not every aspect of your kitchen requires a full-blown remodel to stay on-trend. Timeless always works, but if you want to go bold and incorporate here-and-now trends, the good news is there are some easy parts of the kitchen that will allow flexibility to go bold, but with an escape route:

Paint and Wall Color: Paint works wonders to transform the look of any room, even your kitchen. Opt for trending colors if you want to make a splash, or go with classic neutrals that are timeless if experimenting with paint isn't your thing.

Hardware and Fixtures: Swapping out cabinet knobs, handles, faucets, and lighting fixtures is a relatively simple and cost-effective way to give your kitchen a modern facelift. Brass is back in a big way, and I love to think of hardware as the jewelry of the kitchen. Consider new accessories!

Backsplash: Yes! Changing your backsplash can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen. Subway is a safe way to go and doesn't ever lose its charm, but mosaic patterns, art deco mosaics, and bold colors are popular choices. The cost to replace a backsplash can be significantly less than replacing an entire kitchen and can really change the appearance. Pair it with paint and you can considerably change the look of the room on a budget.

kitchen backsplash kitchen remodel kitchen cabinets
Source: Clayhaus Tile

Countertops: Replacing countertops is a bit more involved than some other updates, but it's still less intensive than a full remodel. Quartz and butcher block are trendy options and can be a less expensive option than marble or quartzite.

Open Shelving: If you have upper cabinets, consider removing some of them or replacing them with floating shelves. This can create an airy, contemporary look and create a new space to showcase colorful dishes or heirloom pieces.

Accessories and Decor: Swap out accessories like rugs, curtains, and kitchen decor items to reflect current trends without making permanent changes.

Appliances: Upgrading to modern, energy-efficient appliances not only keeps your kitchen up-to-date but also improves functionality. There are many options to add a splash of color with appliances like ZLine stoves with colored fronts that bring an expressive touch to the kitchen. There is also no shortage of colorful and trendy mixers, coffee machines and toasters that can add a splash of color.

Making a decision about cabinets is tough - we will tackle the ins and outs in our next post. Keeping in mind the smaller, more budget friendly changes as you think about how bold to go doesn't mean you're stuck with something forever. On average, colored cabinet trends tend to last about 10 years, which is really the blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things - and you'll probably still love for longer than that if you're choosing based on what brings you joy. But keeping your kitchen in line with trends doesn't always require a full remodel and doesn't mean you're stuck forever; consider smaller updates that can go a long way in achieving a fresh and stylish look without worrying about having to replace all of your cabinetry again in just a few years.


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