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Kitchen Remodel Budget - The sumo wrestler in skinny jeans

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

If you've started your research, you know that trying to create a budget for a kitchen

remodel is like trying to get a sumo wrestler into skinny jeans.

Kitchen Remodel Budget
Saving for a Remodel

Even trying to find an "average" budget for a kitchen remodel is like searching for a mythical creature that seems to vanish as soon as you get close! You've started with a hopeful smile, approached cautiously, gotten a stack of quotes from contractors, only to end up shedding tears into your coffee.

Who wants average though, really? You need to consider what's important to you.

The "average" kitchen budget may not cover everything you want and let me be the first to dismiss anything you've seen on HGTV as realistic. There are a few things to consider as you get started:

1) (Re)Moving walls is not cheap - consider implications to flooring, electric, plumbing, HVAC or other things that may be "hiding" in the wall. Flooring will have to be fixed too! Just don't underestimate if this is part of your plan

2) Moving sinks to islands seems like a great idea. Add relocating plumbing to the budget!

3) Appliances - what are the odds that you put in all new cabinets and don't trade in that side-by-side refrigerator from 2004?

4) Searching online? Great place to start. Those cabinets are not going to build or hang themselves.

5) Throwing it all away? Add in a dumpster (though we heartily promote donating to a local Habitat ReStore).

These things can all be accomplished, just be sure you know going into the budgeting process what is really important and what is nice to have - it will make establishing your starting point that much easier.

So, here's to you, brave homeowner, on your quest to define your kitchen remodel budget. May you emerge victorious, with a kitchen so fabulous that it puts a smile on your face every time you whip up a meal—and a story to tell that'll make your friends laugh and cry simultaneously! Happy budget hunting and stay tuned for helpful tips on establishing your budget!

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