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Portfolio & Projects

End results take time to achieve.  This page shares projects that range from the creative stage to full completion, allowing you to see how our process happens over time and in various phases.  We are happy to share about our creations if you have questions about finishes!  Let's set up time to see how your space could take shape!  

Kitchen Cabinet Refresh

Kitchen Refresh (Design Phase)

Currently in design

Quick Update, Small Budget

Everyone deserves a beautiful kitchen! We work with YOUR budget!

Bathroom Planning

Bathroom Makeovers (Design Phase)

Improving use of space and updating finishes, these bathrooms are currently in the design phase!

Scandi Bathroom Design

Cape Cod Scandi Updates - Bathroom, Kitchen, Stairs

Starting with bathroom and flooring updates, we are now moving to the kitchen and stairway for more updates!

Study to In-Law Suite Conversion

Study to In-Law Suite Conversion

From study to in-law suite, we are reimagining this space to use it wisely with both short- and long-term benefits.

Farmhouse Style Remodel

Yardley Complete Rehab

Original Kitchen

Original Kitchen Remodel and Other Updates

Another work in progress, this client has waited 30 years for her dream kitchen!

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